Working Mom

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Happy December!

I dedicate this blog to all the working moms out there trying to juggle 1000 things daily and still stand strong and proud.

I remember what it was like when my Liv was little — trying to calm her to sleep, coax her to eat, play and bathe all while juggling the millions of to do’s running through my mind. 

Being a working mom means balancing a full day -- client meetings, events and endless conference calls while trying to guide your little one.   We all hope for the brightest and smartest of all -- which is no easy feat in the world today. I clearly remember, when Liv was little I’d be making a business decision

simultaneously wondering what to prepare for dinner.  Each project I accepted, left me wondering what impact it would have on my girl and my family life. I worried…Was I was spending too much time on building my business and not enough time with my little doll baby?

Looking back, I now know these thoughts were irrational and I was a good mother.   As someone who’s built a business (from a hobby) and raised a well adjusted, beautiful, bright daughter, I know what I did was right for me.  I provided my growing girl a safe, comfortable home and endless amounts of love AND I helped instill a true girlboss mentality in teaching Liv that mommy’s are more than just moms alone.

Fast forward twenty plus years…I am 100% certain you are a product of your environment.

Liv is now a senior decision maker at a creative company.  While watching my business grow she learned the value of hard work, family time and has translated that into her own work ethic...and I couldn’t be any prouder.  Clearly, Liv understands the sacrifices I made when she was younger and now makes sacrifices of her own.

Remember every decision you make is not only for you but effects your family. The fine dancing between work and motherhood is also about more than ensuring a decent lifestyle. To me, it's about teaching your child about perseverance, empowering a great work ethic, true balancing and always juggling

Would love to hear what a working mom means to all of you. 

With this blog I hope to share my trials and successes of motherhood. I’ve been at it for 23 years and am still learning! 

Feel free to leave your comments below and one more thing...