Beating the Winter Blues


Winter is not fun!   Give me a sunny beach and a fresh stack of magazines and I’ll be happy for the day!

During the cold weather, in NYC, when I feel like hanging at home, in comfy sweats and a big warm sweater— I try and motivate with small, tiny “pick me ups” to get out the door.

My quick fix to lift my spirits is a touch of super red lipstick.

Ahh-- the magical powers that tube of red beholds!  It can instantly brighten your smile, make your outfit pop and give any girl that hint of self confidence that she needs to barrel through the day.

The second I apply it - I instantly feel better.  It turns on my sassy momma attitude and makes me feel like I can rule the world.

Favorite of all time—  YSL- Rouge Pur Couture  $36.00

So next time you need a quick pick me up, give it a try…(BTW, buy two, as your best gf, will want one for Christmas)

Pucker up!